• Qualified Appraisers

    Durkin Valuation Consultants provides a wide range of appraisal services in the areas of Real Property, Personal Property, Business Valuation, and Appraisal Review. Our clients, past and present, include attorneys, businesses, government agencies, personal representatives of estates, and others.

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  • A Testifying Expert On Your Side

    Durkin Valuation Consultants has over 40 years experience serving the legal profession, working in close collaboration with attorneys to provide expert services in matters of divorce, decedent estates, and related civil litigation involving complex valuation issues. We stand ready to defend our opinions of value in court.

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  • Helping You Find A Solution

    Your valuation and appraisal matters are important to us and Durkin Valuation Consultants can help you. We pride ourselves on being able to support clients with their unique concerns.

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About Us

For over 40 years, Durkin Valuation Consultants has proudly served the legal profession in complex valuation matters. Our appraisals comply with the national standards, and through our extensive research and expertise, we are always prepared to provide expert testimony and defend our opinions of value in court.

"We put the dollar figure on what you are fighting over."


Durkin Valuation Consultants provides business valuations that are vital in negotiating and litigating the division of a marital estate. Such valuations are equally important in negotiating shareholder disputes and supporting shareholder exit strategies in buy-sell agreements. We have valued small businesses and professional practices, as well as larges business, which have included the Fore River Shipyard for the U.S. Maritime Administration, the Soviet Academy of Sciences Pharmaceutical Facility for the Republic of Latvia, and the liquor business of James “Whitey” Bulger for the U.S. Attorney's Office. LEARN MORE


Durkin Valuation Consultants provides objective critical reviews of real property appraisal reports, personal property appraisal reports, and business valuation reports. Our reviews are conducted in accordance with Standards 3 and 4 of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), which involves an in-depth analysis of the application of appraisal standards and underlying evidence used to support the value conclusion. We were the reviewers for the appraisal of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, the appraisal of all the artifacts owned by Titanic, Inc., and the appraisal of all the real and personal property owned by Verizon in the State of California. LEARN MORE


Durkin Valuation Consultants provides real property appraisals that are used for purposes of litigation, as well as other complex legal issues, such as divorce, IRS decedent estates, charitable donations, casualty loss insurance for both the insurance company and the insured, environmental contaminants, estate planning, and easements. We were the expert appraisers for the litigations related to the CAI/Arnel chemical explosion in Danvers, as well as the Northern Utilities gas explosion in Lewiston. LEARN MORE


Durkin Valuation Consultants provides personal property appraisals involving machinery, equipment, antiques, jewelry, fine art, coins, and stamps, as well as many other artifacts and collectibles. We appraised championship rings for the Indianapolis Colts, Anaheim Ducks, and Indy 500. We appraised the equipment of multiple medical practices that include Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, Central Vermont Hospital, and New England Medical Center. We appraised all of the fine art at the U.S. Trust headquarters and all of the personal property at Babson College. For over ten years, we were the U.S. Customs appraiser for the ports of Boston, Hartford, Baltimore, and Buffalo. We even appraised the only known tea box from the Boston Tea Party. LEARN MORE


Why Hire a Qualified Appraiser?

Almost any time real property, personal property or a business changes hands, is divided, or is involved in a dispute, it is important to ascertain a defendable value. At best, a timely appraisal will simplify negotiations and preclude disputes and litigation among interested parties. If negotiations break down, a professional appraisal can be a powerful tool for an attorney. Anyone conducting decedent estate or divorce proceedings or assuming fiduciary responsibility for real property, personal property, or a business enterprise, should consult a qualified appraiser.

Save Time and Money

Durkin Valuation Consultants excels at saving attorneys and their clients time and money by providing a defendable valuation backed by expert witness testimony. Call us for more information at (617) 720 - 0332.